4 weeks of a dynamic exercise program (BOOT CAMP) designed to help you sculpt your body through a strategic and unique blend of cardio and strength training sessions. SCHEDULE: MONDAY - THURSDAY 5AM OR 6PM & SATURDAY 7AM.

There is both an in person and a LIVE virtual option available. It is appropriate for all fitness levels and allows you to enjoy results such as: increased muscle definition, increased energy levels, increased confidence and endurance. You WILL lose inches, pounds, and body fat, and gain a self-love and optimism that will ultimately transform every aspect of your life!

VIRTUAL - Fit & Fly In Fall Boot Camp (Session 1) - 1 Enrollment

  • Bangin’ Body Training Center


    129B Corporate Drive Swansea, IL 62226

    June 26, 2020

    The following document outlines Bangin’ Body Training’s practices and protocols that will guide all behaviors while in the training center.

    • Pre-registration is required
    o Use the website to register for boot camp
    o Download the registration form and waiver
    o Before enrolling in boot camp or registering for classes, please acknowledge and agree that you have not knowingly been in contact with anyone infected by COVID-19 in the last 14 days. You do not feel sick, have a fever, cough, or sore throat, trouble breathing, or shortness of breath in the last 48 hours. Affirm that you comply with all guidelines set forth by the training center staff. Even if you are fully vaccinated please read the safety guidelines. 

    • We will follow safety and social distancing practices
      o This means there are  30 spots available per boot camp class

    • Please bring your personal mat, water, and a towel to each workout.

    • If you use a cubby at the training center you must clean your mat, weights, and cubby at the end of each workout session.

    • Cleaning solutions, paper towels, and hand sanitizer is available while at the training center.

      o Feel free to bring your own wipes, sanitizer, or whatever makes your feel comfortable in the training center environment.

    • All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized following each session. The entire studio will be cleaned and sanitized daily.


    • If you are fully vaccinated and comfortable being around others without wearing a mask, you are okay to forfeit the mask protocol. Please adhere to the additional safety measures. If you are NOT vaccinated, YOU MUST follow the mask protocol and additional safety measures. 

    • When entering and leaving the training center a mask must be worn (nose & mouth fully covered)

    • Pick your workout area (marked by an orange cone), grab your weights for use OR feel free to bring your own

    • Once settled into your space you may remove your mask for the workout.

    • When the workout is over, put your mask back on, clean all materials, return items to their proper area.

    • Exit the training center promptly for the arrival of the next clients.

      Thank you for choosing Bangin’ Body Training as your healthy, well, and fit home! We are happy to be on this journey with you and excited to see you in the training center!

      A Better Me Is Emerging!