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Juicing Does A Body Good

Cleanse Your Body

Our fresh pressed juice is good for a cleanse or detox of the mind, body, and spirit. While the juice does what it is designed to do by cleansing the gastrointestinal system and allowing the digestive system to take a break from digesting heavily preserved foods and harsh meats, your mind is focused on staying in control and on track. This time (3, 4, 5 days) gives your spirit the time needed to realign to the way I believe God truly intended us to treat our temple; it should be respected by fueling it properly, giving it natural vitamins and minerals, and eating fresh, raw, and green! Try our "Cleanse/Detox" package. 

Drink a Good Meal

Our fresh-pressed juice can be used as a meal replacement. Each juice is a full days serving of fruit and vegetables. Are you too busy to stop and eat or too busy to meal prep? We have what you need. Instead of skipping meals, replace one or two meals each day. Juicing makes getting a nutritious meal in much easier. Shop our juices today.

Lose Weight not Nutrients

Each fresh-pressed juice is a full days serving of fruit and vegetables.This makes the juice the best nutritious meal one can choose. Include a fresh green salad and plenty of water and you will begin to boost your metabolism in a way that will eventually cause weight loss. We have two new fat-burning juices that are green and savory. They are designed to fill you up, give you energy, and fuel your body with 3 types of greens. The "Fire Your Fat" juice is a little spicy thanks to its fresh juiced peppers and the "Verde Vitamin" is savory and tasty because the greens are juiced with fresh ginger herb. Shop for each today. 

Taste the Flavor

Our fresh pressed juices are good for you and they taste good. There is no reason that our foods (yes juice is food) cannot give us both flavor and nutrition. Apples, pineapples, and sometimes mango is used to sweeten the juice, but the natural sugar from the fruit is used sparingly to make sure the juice if flavorful. According to the American Diabetes Association most fruits have a low glycemic index because they are also full of fiber. Ex. apples -- are medium on the glycemic index, are high in fiber and contain vitamin C and many antioxidants, which are good for heart health. We endeavor to support your health and wellness goals by providing flavorful juices that are also good for you! Shop from our variety of juices today!

Juice pick up is on Monday 5:00AM - 7:15AM & 6:45PM - 8:00PM, Thursday 5:00AM - 7:15AM & 6:45PM - 8:00PM, & Saturday 7:15AM - 9:00AM

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